The art and science of leasing to companies that are dependent on future rounds of equity capital is generally referred to as venture leasing.

Fountain Partners offers equipment leasing to companies that may be either pre-revenue or may be generating revenues but are losing money and expect to continue losing money while management builds the company to scale.

Fountain Partners provides venture leasing in cases when the equipment being leased has strong resale value and also when the equipment being leased does not have strong resale value.  Fountain provides venture leasing to some companies that are backed by institutional venture capitalists but Fountain also provides venture leasing to companies that have no institutional venture capital and probably never will attract institutional venture capital.

The common denominator of the companies in Fountain Partner’s venture leasing portfolio is that the management teams are solving problems that our partners understand and appreciate and the business has an appropriate need to rent, lease or acquire fixed assets.

If you are a founder, CEO, CFO, VP of Finance or COO interested in financing a specific asset or obtaining a lease line of credit to financing your entire capex budget for the coming year you have come to the right place.  Contact us or self qualify your company for a proposal online right now in less than 10 minutes.

Fountain Partners is a dedicated private credit fund with a mission to be the most flexible and efficient source of equipment lease capital.

Since our inception in 2006, we have worked with over 160 vendors in various industries and provided equipment financing in excess of $65MM.

  • As a DIRECT FUNDING SOURCE you will always know exactly whether we can provide terms to your prospects and customers and what the status of your orders are
  • Your clients receive credit lines from $250,000 to $15,000,000
  • We can provide indicative pricing and terms within 48 hours and fund in 2 weeks.
  • We can structure terms and rate to fit your clients’ specific needs.
  • We can provide credit lines to any company where your existing funding channels are either too slow, too expensive or too restrictive
  • Because we are not “formula base” lenders and we take time to understand each company’s unique situation and financing needs, we can help you sell more of your equipment to companies that might not otherwise have attractive financing options.

If you manage an equipment leasing company Fountain is interested in working with you to:

  • Syndicate transactions larger than your preferred credit limit
  • Monetize deal flow – we will do deals that are too early, too small, or otherwise don’t fit your deal parameters
  • Further leverage existing portfolio companies after they have reached their credit limit with you

Fountain Partners improves funding completion rates for equipment leasing companies by:

  • Financing non-traditional credits needing traditional equipment leasing
  • Financing traditional credits with non-traditional leasing, such as software leasing and customized production equipment
  • Being responsive and decisive – we can’t afford to waste time sitting on deals

What would you pay to get 2 or 3 extra quarters of cash before either your next round of capital or your path to profitability? Venture leasing from Fountain Partners can:

  • Leverage existing founder’s equity or venture capital with a lease line of credit to finance and consolidate current and future equipment purchases.
  • Provide immediate cash by purchasing your fixed assets and leasing them back to you.
  • Help you avoid dilution – we do not require warrants or equity participation rights.

The decision of whether to purchase or lease fixed assets usually boils down to two questions for the entrepreneur:

  • Do I expect to sell equity capital during the term of the lease?
  • Do I expect to generate an excess return on my cost of capital?

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We need:

  1. Comparative financial statements (not tax returns)
  2. Summary of company ownership
  3. Description of the equipment you want us to finance
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If you are just starting and aren’t sure what equipment you will need, that’s okay. Send a note and tell us you want to get an idea of what terms to expect when you are ready. If you are searching for equity capital and want some suggestions, we will review your business plan and give you a recommendation as a courtesy to you as a prospective client.

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