Venture Leasing

The art and science of leasing to companies that are dependent on future rounds of equity capital is generally referred to as venture leasing.  Fountain Partners offers equipment leasing to companies that may be either pre-revenue or may be generating revenues but are losing money and expect to continue losing money while management builds the company to scale.   Fountain Partners provides venture leasing in cases when the equipment being leased has strong resale value and also when the equipment being leased does not have strong resale value.  Fountain provides venture leasing to some companies that are backed by institutional venture capitalists but Fountain also provides venture leasing to companies that have no institutional venture capital and probably never will attract institutional venture capital.  The common denominator of the companies in Fountain Partner’s venture leasing portfolio is that the management teams are solving problems that our partners understand and appreciate and the business has an appropriate need to rent, lease or acquire fixed assets.

If you are a founder, CEO, CFO, VP of Finance or COO interested in financing a specific asset or obtaining a lease line of credit to financing your entire capex budget for the coming year you have come to the right place.  Contact us or self qualify your company for a proposal online right now in less than 10 minutes.