Investors digest Alibaba $120M investment in Kabam

The days and weeks following the conclusion and public announcement of Alibaba have been helpful as expected in helping Kabam CEO and founder Kevin Chou and the Kabam team broaden awareness for the game company’s capabilities and potential.  Media including our great 50 Cal neighbors at VentureBeat have given updated treatments of Kabam’s positioning and Alibaba’s positioning.  Bottom up equity public investors have so many points of reference available to them in relation to Alibaba.  On one hand there are those minds who upon awareness of the Alibaba IPO may have been tempted to project Alibaba as the prime investment vehicle to allocate money to high quality Chinese related info-tech-media-commerce.  Some on CNBC have speculated about the company’s future ability to acquire companies.  This helps grease some investors imaginations or point to option valuation thinking for more formal investors.   At the same time, Kevin has talked about (and even written on LinkedIn) how painstaking the entire process was to meet, engage with, and educate Alibaba team members in order to put the company in position to decide whether or not to forge a partnership in the form of investment.  People who are new to investing in corporate equities can broaden their awareness of what it is like for acquisitive companies like Alibaba, Google, Apple, Facebook and many others to spend time and energy pursuing an investment or acquisition by reading Kevin’s post here.