Andreessen Horowitz invests in Digital Ocean

Today Digital Ocean announced that it closed it’s Series A venture capital equity financing round led by Andreesen HorowitzIA Ventures had invested in the Digital Ocean’s prior equity round during 2013 and participated again along with TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington’s CrunchFund.  The $37 million round comes after DO raised just over $3M in equity in the summer of 2013 and augmented that with a significant volume of venture leasing.  Digital Ocean’s server growth follows the company’s popularity among users and the availability of equipment leasing for IT gear.  Now that the round of equity is closed and announced readers will see many more charts and references to Digital Ocean’s server counts, popularity among developers and competitive positioning relative to Rackspace, Amazon cloud services, Google Compute Engine and others.  Fountain Partners congratulates Ben, Moisey, Karl and Larry on all their efforts to build a great product for developers.